Trying True Reishi for the first time?

Here are answers to our commonly asked questions.


Q. What can I take Reishi for?

The Reishi mushroom has a thousand-year history of healing and therapeutic support. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is known as a tonic herb, helping support the immune system, increased strength, and longevity. Used consistently over time, tonic herbs are known to restore the body’s energy and enhance general well-being – and Reishi is the king of tonic herbs.

Reishi contains a number of adaptogenic components – polysaccharides and triterpenes – that make it an excellent support to the body's natural defenses. Current scientific research has shown a significant impact on the immune system, blood pressure regulation, weight loss, liver detoxification, stress support, and more. Learn more about the science of Reishi in Research & Resources.


Q. Should I take Reishi even if I'm healthy and generally feeling well?

Yes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), emphasis is placed on keeping a person whole, healthy and balanced. It takes a longer-term, preventative angle towards health, and herbs are used for fortifying the body and mind over time, thereby building your natural defenses and resilience when health issues do occur. Of course, if you are healthy, you may not feel the impact of those herbs as much, but this does not mean that they are not helping support your body in the aforementioned ways. 


Q. How would you recommend taking True Reishi so I can experience the most benefits?

We recommend taking 1-2 capsules of our supplements twice a day (once in the morning, once in the evening), but if your schedule doesn't allow for that, you can take them at the same time. Many of our customers take True Reishi and True Reishi Plus together, as they were formulated to represent the full benefits of the Reishi mushroom. Please remember that the key principle of TCM and herbal remedies is that consistency is key! So be sure to take your supplements daily, even when traveling. 


Q. Apart from Reishi, are there other ingredients in your supplements?

True Reishi Original Formula is made from the spores of Reishi mushroom (harvested from our own farms,) the mushroom body, and a blend of Chinese herbs that was formulated to complement and maximize the benefits of Reishi for the body and mind.

True Reishi PLUS is made only from Reishi mushrooms. More specifically, within each capsule is 100% pure Reishi spore oil which is carefully extracted from the spores of our own quality-tested, farm-grown Reishi crop. 

We never use additives, chemicals or fillers and our supplements are encased in eco-friendly vegan capsules.


Q. Should I take True Reishi (Original Formula) or True Reishi Plus (Concentrated Oil), or both?

Most of our customers find that taking the two supplements together (see The Ideal Pair) provides the best health support. They were designed to synergistically support one another to fortify your body by incorporating each uniquely important part of the mushroom.


Q. Where is your Reishi grown?

Unlike many manufacturers, we can trace each Reishi crop back to its beginning: from when we planted them in carefully selected wooden logs on our own farm. Due to our early involvement in Reishi farming, we were able to grow our mushrooms on our own farm, on a beautiful piece of forest land. Our farm is located in the protected mountains of the Nankunshan National Park in Southern China. We chose it for the cleanliness of the region, air, and water source, as well as its high elevation, which is ideal for growing a robust Reishi crop. See How We Grow for more info. 


Q. What makes True Reishi special, or different from other Reishi supplements?

We understand that there are many Reishi products on the market, in many different formats. While we can't speak to all of them, we believe that True Reishi is the most authentic and most powerful representation of this herb. We believe this because of our longstanding commitment to product development and testing, as well as the high level of control we have over each Reishi crop and harvest. 

We've been working on the cultivation of our red Reishi for over 20 years, involving a handful of passionate herbalists and growers. 20 years is a lot of trial and error to find the best methods, such as the best time of year to grow, the best elevation, the best wood to inoculate on, the best period from which to gather Reishi spores during harvest. Of the Reishi spores we gather, we only keep a fraction of them for use in our supplements; this leads to lower output, but a higher quality supplement that is worthy of Reishi's history. Our priority is providing the highest quality Reishi to as many people as possible - and we think that's pretty special.


Q. Are your products organic?

While our products are not certified organic, we abide by all organic practices. We never use any chemicals or pesticides in our growing process and our farmland is fed by clean mountain water far away from industrial pollutants. Because we're a small business working across borders, so far we've had limited resources to obtain organic certification due to the regulation across these various countries. This is something we hope to do someday in the near future.


Q. I'm already taking other supplements and/or medication. Can I take True Reishi along with it?

Reishi is a tonic herb with a long history and little known side effects when combined with other herbs. However, everybody’s body and constitution is different, so we always recommend consulting your physician or health care professional for questions that are specific to your health or current treatment.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or visit our shop page!


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Reishi is a natural herbal supplement, and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.