At the True Reishi farm, we have worked for over 20 years to carefully replicate Reishi’s natural wild growing environment and use state-of-the-art extraction techniques to bring you a highly concentrated line of supplements, packed with the active ingredients that are known to significantly benefit and support the body. Reishi is ancient, potent, and deeply respected in Eastern medicinal traditions where this prized mushroom is used to boost the immune system, strengthen the body, and support healing.



While many companies grow in sawdust or straw, we inoculate our premium spores on natural logs, after decades of testing for Reishi's preferred species of wood. After inoculation, we bury the logs loosely in nutrient-rich soil and carefully tend to each Reishi mushroom until it reaches maturity.



Our high-altitude protected farmland receives water from nearby mountain water sources, free of industrial pollutants. Our farm is 100% natural. We never use chemicals in any stage of our process.



We harvest at the bioactive peak of our Reishi, and collect their released spores and fruiting bodies with the utmost care. Each year, we only extract the most potent, highest quality of these ingredients and give away the excess to other local purveyors so as not to waste any part of this medicinal herb.



Our bodies can’t absorb the active ingredients of the Reishi mushroom without some help. We use two distinct methods to extract the vital components of the Reishi mushroom and make them ready for the body to integrate.



Our premium True Reishi PLUS spore oil supplements are made using state-of-the-art supercritical non-toxic dual extraction methods that draw out the active ingredients contained within the spores, delivering you the most nutritive and therapeutic part of the mushroom. Spore oil is the most potent part of the mushroom, and is significantly higher in therapeutic value than the fruiting body.



For our classic True Reishi formula, the thick spore walls of Reishi must be cracked so that the spores may easily be absorbed by the body. Because of our growing process, our high quality mushrooms are naturally high in triterpenes, the most beneficial component of the mushroom.

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