TRUE REISHI PLUS Concentrated Spore Oil

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  • True Reishi PLUS Pure Spore OIl

TRUE REISHI PLUS Concentrated Spore Oil

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True Reishi PLUS is our most potent healing supplement, made from 100% Spore Oil from the red Reishi grown on our mountain farm.

Our prized spore oil supplement, True Reishi PLUS is packed with the mushroom's most therapeutic, active ingredients -- the powerful triterpenes known for healing the body. The spore oil of the mushroom is significantly more immunologically potent than the fruiting body, and far more labor intensive to extract. With consistent use, benefits associated with Reishi spore oil include*:

  • Support and therapeutic healing of the body under stress

  • Bolstering liver function to detoxify and cleanse the body and provide support in flushing waste and toxins

  • Activation and regulation of the immune system

  • Healthy blood pressure regulation

  • Cardiovascular, liver, and kidney support

  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to protect the body

  • Healthy hormone and endocrine system regulation

  • We've worked for 20+ years developing our own premium strain of red Reishi, growing them our natural high altitude farmlands. No one grows with the commitment that we do!

  • To extract the active ingredients contained within Reishi spores, we use a supercritical, alcohol-free method to ensure that you receive the most nutritive and therapeutic part of the mushroom in a form your body can absorb.

  • Our crop is cultivated and harvested in small batches for maximum efficacy. 

  • Our farm is fed by clean mountain streams – we never use any pesticides or chemicals in our growing process.

  • 100% vegan. All natural with no preservatives or additives.

  • Produced under Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

60 capsules, 300 mg each.

Take True Reishi PLUS as a powerful boost to your body's natural healing power. Take two times daily, 1-2 soft gels each time.

True Reishi PLUS was designed to complement and enhance our True Reishi Original Mushroom Formula. Taken together, they deliver the full spectrum of benefits of our red Reishi, for greater potency and healing.


Ingredients: Reishi Spore Oil, Algal Omega-3, Purified Water; 100% vegan capsule (Modified Starch, Glycerin, and Carrageenan).