THE IDEAL PAIR: True Reishi & True Reishi Plus

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  • True Reishi Ideal Pair: Spore Oil + Broken-Shell Reishi

THE IDEAL PAIR: True Reishi & True Reishi Plus

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Includes: 1 bottle of True Reishi (60 capsules, 300 mg) and 1 bottle of True Reishi PLUS (60 capsules, 300 mg.)

This is the best way to experience the full benefits of our Reishi. Through the years, we’ve formulated 2 supplements that honor each unique part of the mushroom, and taking them together is the most effective way to maximize its active ingredients and full-spectrum benefits. TRUE REISHI boosts daily strength and immunity, while TRUE REISHI PLUS contains the concentrated oil of Reishi spores, offering that extra push of therapeutic support and tonification. 

The 2 supplements were formulated to be taken together. With consistent use, Reishi has been long associated with these powerful benefits*:

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Natural energy and vitality under times of stress

  • Healthy blood pressure regulation

  • Cardiovascular, liver, and kidney support

  • Sleep and stress support 

  • Healthy hormonal system regulation 


    • We've worked for over 20 years developing our own premium strain of red Reishi, growing them on our high altitude farmlands. No one grows with the commitment that we do!

    • For our spore oil supplement, we use a supercritical, alcohol-free extraction method to draw out the active ingredients contained within the spores, delivering you the most nutritive and therapeutic part of the mushroom.

    • For our True Reishi original formula, we use broken-shell Reishi extraction to ensure optimal ability for the body to absorb the potent components of the mushroom.

    • Our crop is cultivated and harvested in small batches for maximum efficacy. Our farm is fed by clean mountain streams for water.

    • 100% vegan. All natural with no preservatives or additives.

    • Produced under Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

      Take 2 capsules of True Reishi and 2 capsules of True Reishi PLUS, daily.

      Taken together, they enhance Reishi's powerful benefits and provide max healing support. 


      True Reishi Ingredients:

      Broken-shell Reishi spores, Poria, Reishi fruiting body, Job’s Tears, Hawthorn, Licorice, Bai-zhu Atractylodes, Andrographis, Agaricus Blazei, and Pullulan (for 100% vegan capsule).

      True Reishi PLUS Ingredients:

      Reishi Spore Oil, Algal Omega-3, Purified Water; 100% vegan capsule (Modified Starch, Glycerin, and Carrageenan).